From The Pastor’s Heart – May 24, 2017

Last weekend I was privileged to see first hand what God is doing through Cornerstone Christian School when I went to VA Beach with the 7th graders. Our 7th graders stepped out of their comfort zones when they served a meal they prepared to over 100 homeless men, women and children on Thursday evening.  They also ministered to over 100 children on Friday and then they shared testimonies, led in worship and worked in the children’s ministry on Sunday morning.  They were doing things that many of us adults would find difficult to do.  I was encouraged to see the result of working together with parents to lay a good foundation in the lives of our children.  What a blessing to have such an amazing ministry as a church!

On Sunday morning I shared a message on revival with the Landstown congregation.  I was reminded that, if you look at church history, harvest time typically follows a time of revival among believers. Revival often follows a time of drought and it always comes about when believers humble themselves, pray and seek the Lord and repent of sin (2 Chronicles 7:14). I believe revival is happening at CCH.  It has been a process over the last couple of years and we are seeing evidence of it more and more.

Revival is great; it’s exciting, it’s encouraging and it feels good, but what now? If what we are experiencing is true and lasting revival the natural result will be a harvest of souls.  Just like revival didn’t happen on its own or overnight, the harvest will not come on its own or overnight.  We have a part to play.  We can’t reap where we haven’t sown. If we will plant the seeds and water them then God will make it grow and ripen for the harvest. Let’s pray together for opportunities to plant, water and harvest. Can we believe for an increase of souls that will fill our “sanctuary”? Kevin Riordan prayed that the divider would have to be raised in order to fit everyone in.  Will you pray with me for that?  Can you imagine our building full of new believers?  If we are faithful in our part God will do the rest!

Have a blessed week!

Pastor Joe

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