Our Staff

We are blessed to have these wonderful, dedicated individuals supporting and serving Cornerstone Church at the Lake. We believe in empowering members of our congregation to walk in their God-given calling, and each member of our staff has been raised up from within Cornerstone to serve in their current roles. Read on to learn more about the members of our leadership and administrative team!
(Contact information is available in each person’s full bio.)

Joe Slagell

Pastor Joe and his wife, Liz,  provide leadership and oversight for ministry at Cornerstone Church of Harrisonburg.  Joe oversees Reality Youth, participates as part of the elder team, and serves on the board of directors for Cornerstone Christian School.

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Ray Lam

Ray oversees all children’s ministries from the nursery through ROCK Church. He plans children’s events, chooses curriculum, and works with children’s ministry teachers and volunteers. Ray wears many hats at Cornerstone and enjoys spending time with Reality Youth and organizing special service projects as well.

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Jodi Dobscha

When you call the church office, Jodi’s cheerful voice is the one you hear on the other end of the line. She keeps the church schedule, manages details such as prayer requests, newsletter mailings, bulletin announcements, and plays a key role in keeping this website up-to-date.

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Michele Morgan

Michele has led worship at Cornerstone for many years. She also teaches music and worship arts at Cornerstone Christian School and serves as the Worship Coach for churches and worship leaders in the Heartlink Network.

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Jeanette Lam

Jeanette helps out in the office part-time by maintaining the church’s financial records. She also sings on the worship team and is a loving wife to Ray, and the mother of two beautiful children.

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